About Me

My name is Leslie, I am a professional geologist and amateur seamstress. I currently live in the SF Bay Area, but grew up in New Jersey. I learned to sew as a kid from my mom, who is an amazing quilter, and started sewing again in 2012 when a Project Runway marathon prompted me to ask for a sewing machine for Christmas! And Santa delivered, a Brother cs6000i with more stitches than I know what to do with. I've been re-teaching myself for about five years now. I've learned a lot from other blogs, and find it really helpful to see another person's experience with a pattern, so I thought I'd share some of my own! With the occasional photos of rocks, or maybe cats. I'm not super into blogging and not a professional photographer -- I only have so many hours in the day, and I'd rather be sewing - but I'm trying!

Rents in the Bay Area are pricey, and I share a 1-bedroom apartment with my husband Tim and our two cats, Ringo and Pierre. My "sewing studio" is the kitchen table, hence the title of the blog. And by kitchen table I mean the small patio furniture we use as a kitchen table! I've converted the butcher block to a sewing supply table, and once I burned a banana because my iron was a little too close to our countertop fruit bowl. But I make it work!  The kitchen is also serves as our graduate student office, home-brewed beer bottling station, and the cat dining hall.

Ringo at the serger.

I mostly sew for myself and for Tim, but I do some sewing for family members when they ask, and sometimes when they don't.  Unfortunately I didn't inherit my Mom's flair for quilting, most of my sewing is apparel.  In recent months, I've overcome my fit-related fear of sewing jeans and pants and made my own wedding dress.  I like to sew a mix of challenging projects that require learning new skills and instant gratification TNTs.  My dream is to move from California to a place with real winters so I can sew a wool coat for each day of the week!

When I'm not sewing, I enjoy hiking and camping, spending time with my cats, dabbling in screen printing, watching football and WWE, adding to my tattoo collection, and exploring new places to eat/drink/laugh in SF.


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